Software implementation can often be a long and painful process. Customers and business departments are demanding the production of increasingly complex systems made with an increasing variety of technologies. Most of the overtime in software organizations comes at the ends of projects. Still, implementations are fraught with risk. The risk of failures in production environments, or risks associated with failure to meet quality targets, such as performance, usability, or security.

Our testers perform testing on behalf of software customers or support the customer's testing team. Experienced testers are able to organize and design tests to be as effective as possible within the assumed timeframe and cost. This allows to minimize the risk of implementation, to take full advantage of the system's capabilities from the first days after implementation. Well-tested IT systems support the operation of an organization from the very beginning instead of hindering it through "childhood diseases." Well-tested systems are easier and faster to implement.

We support many organizations through test planning, design and execution. Most often working side-by-side with our clients' testing teams. This allows us to complement our technical knowledge and skills with the client's subject matter expertise, and allows knowledge and experience to flow both ways. This allows project managers and project teams to sleep more peacefully (and longer) during the deployment period.

  • Need to catch up on a project?
  • Are you short of a specialist?
  • Don't have time to recruit?

With body leasing you select people strictly according to the requirements of the project. We transfer our specialists to you according to the contract for the required time.

It is possible to plan the entire contract so that the Consultant fits into the next stage of the project each time.

At the same time, body leasing makes it possible to select a specialist on a day-to-day basis, for longer periods, but also on an ad-hoc consulting basis - for example, to catch up on a project or to support a project with expertise.

This form makes it possible to almost immediately supplement the team with a qualified specialist without incurring recruitment or permanent employment costs.


Knowledge of technical and testing topics is a serious tool, and more than 20 years of experience gained through various projects allows us to share reliable information on modern technical and technological solutions.

We always take a project-based approach to our consulting, and the implemented changes reflect the best trends that have been proven by our Consultants in many projects.

Methodologies on which we base our audits:
  • TPI Next – Test Process Improvement (Next)
  • TMMi – Test Maturity Model Integration

In order to conduct a reliable audit, we need information from the client:

  • about the structure of the organization and the test team
  • a description of the procedures and processes used in the organization and test team
  • test specifications
  • test results
  • bug reports

If you want to learn more about software testing process audit, please contact us.


Have you ever wondered if testing is working well in your organization? Are the testing procedures and processes used appropriate for it?

In our twenty years in business, we have encountered many testing issues. Starting from communication errors, to competency mismatches, to the fundamental questions of "what, why and why we test".

AmberTeam Testing is an independent organization with a highly qualified team with broad competencies. We comprehensively and objectively audit the software testing process. After a detailed analysis of the Client's needs and the selection of an appropriate methodology for test evaluation and improvement, the Auditor proceeds with the action, as a result of which the Client receives recommendations and guidance necessary to improve the tested product.